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Prestige Garden & Landscape Design

collage of landscape designs

Gardens of Prestige knows well the varieties and changes in our conception of the garden and landscaping. From a hobbyist’s passion for digging in the soil to a kitchen garden supplying a cook’s needs, from hard landscaping of stone and structures to soft planned perennial borders or zeroscapes or xeriscapes, and from designs for curb appeal to landscape lifestyle expressions as extensions of your home, Gardens of Prestige is your Barrie and region landscape and garden designer with the experience and depth to transform your outdoor space into the outdoors of your dreams.

Start with Detailed Landscape Dreams

To translate a homeowner’s outdoor garden fantasy, all the scraps of ideas and use have to be taken into consideration and a detailed property plan is fundamental even if you only want to begin with a small project like a kitchen garden. As a professional landscape designer, Gardens of Prestige will ask many questions to start. What do you want to be doing out there? Socializing? Relaxing? Playing? Swimming? What do you want to keep of the existing landscape? What do you want to attract? What about light and sound? How much garden work to your want to do on a continuing basis? To your answers, Gardens of Prestige will add their education in landscape principles and horticultural practice, installation experience, knowledge of local Barrie, Newmarket, Collingwood, Orillia, Wasaga Beach, Aurora and area conditions, and creative inspiration.

The Gardens of Prestige Design Process

The development of a detailed, comprehensive outdoor space design ensures the clients’ needs and dreams have all been addressed prior to commencement of any landscape construction project. Advanced computer technology allows landscape designers to illustrate the landscape plans and estimate the full scope. Layers of design can be built in to account for growth of plantings and/or to deconstruct the entire project into segmented projects according to your budget. Gardens of Prestige certified designers take time, space and budget into consideration, use proven design principles, the best horticultural methodologies, and ecology and project management experience and create a design reflecting your outdoor lifestyle desires.



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