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Gardens of Prestige Ltd. provides services to clients in this area

Muskoka Landscaping Services

Muskoka and environs residents know the impact of vibrant outdoor vistas on the psyche and incorporate this understanding into their properties. Working hand in hand with your dreams and vision, Gardens of Prestige Muskoka conceptualizes and installs the landscape, horticultural and structural elements to bring your vista to life.

Gardens of Prestige has been serving Muskoka and region properties for over two decades building innovative landscape projects including swimming pools, waterfalls, ponds, decks, retaining walls and driveways, rock and other gardens. Speak to us about your dreams.

Water Features, Arbours, and Retaining Walls for Landscaping Muskoka

Incorporating a water feature like a fountain, pool, creek, or waterfall is a popular choice for many landscaping designs in Muskoka. These features can serve as a focal point, creating an organized and visually flowing landscape design. Some clients even prefer to carry the shape and structure of the water feature throughout their entire landscape.

Arbour structures such as pergolas, trellises, and retaining walls can be utilized to separate specific areas of the garden and define each garden space. For example, an outer dining setting can be separated from an outside fireplace sitting arrangement using arbour structures. Arbours can also be used as the base for creating a complete landscape design. They are a must-have feature in attractive landscaping Muskoka designs.

In addition to arbour structures, retaining walls can also be used to separate different garden areas and guide visitors throughout the landscape.

They help prevent soil erosion and keep plants in place by providing them with a direction to grow.

At Gardens of Prestige Ltd., we use the latest tools and technology to provide experienced landscaping services, helping you achieve the desired landscape design for your property in Muskoka.

Contact us now to learn more.

Muskoka Landscaping: landscape design, pool installation, deck building / construction services.

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