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natral stone and garden landscape


Gardens of Prestige Ltd. provides services to clients in this area

Collingwood Landscaping Services

If you are looking for a professional, experienced and flexible landscape, garden design and exterior structure contractor then Gardens of Prestige Collingwood is your local answer.

With over 500 landscaping and outside lifestyle projects completed and more than twenty years of professional, practical experience, Gardens of Prestige Collingwood can bring all the garden and property-enhancing elements you want together. Review our portfolio and get your estimate immediately.

Creating Balance and Uniformity in Your Landscape Design

Achieving balance and uniformity in landscape design is crucial to create an organized and elegant space. Without these elements, the design can appear disorganized and cluttered. It is important for different elements of your landscape to align with each other. Whether you choose a symmetrical or asymmetrical design will determine the overall appearance of your landscaping in Collingwood. While symmetrical designs are easier to create, asymmetrical designs bring a unique touch of excitement.

Focal Points in Landscaping Collingwood

Every landscape design should have a focal point to draw attention. This could be a water feature like a fountain or pool, or even a statue. By highlighting focal points in your landscaping design, you can attract visitors' attention to the best features of your landscape. Enhance these focal points with appropriate plants or trees to create a visually stunning effect.

Paths and Lines

The type of design you choose, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, will determine the layout of paths and lines in your landscape. You can opt for straight or curved lines, depending on the design aesthetic you prefer. Additionally, consider incorporating pathways such as driveways and walkways, and illuminate them using landscaping lights. Use natural elements like stones, bricks, or concrete to create beautiful and functional pathways.


Creating smooth transitions between different design elements is crucial in landscaping Collingwood. This allows for a visually cohesive and harmonious space. Avoid making drastic changes in the design that can disrupt the flow and transition of the landscape.

These four essential elements are crucial in landscape design. At Gardens of Prestige Ltd., we offer high-quality landscaping services in the region. In addition to these elements, our experienced team also incorporates innovative design thinking to provide you with outstanding results.

Contact our team now to learn more about our services and how we can transform your landscape.

Collingwood Landscaping: landscape design, pool installation, deck building / construction services.

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