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Gardens of Prestige Ltd. provides services to clients in this area

Alliston Landscaping Services

Gardens of Prestige Alliston is your full service landscaping and garden design and construction company in the growing City and surrounding area. Our familiarity from several decades of practical work experience with local Alliston soils, weather patterns, geography and history inform all our garden and landscape projects.

For over 20 years, Gardens of Prestige Ltd. has been installing pools, ponds or multi-level waterfalls, natural stone, walkways, patios, retaining walls and driveways, decks and other wooden structures using a detailed landscape design created just for you, our Alliston clients. Call Gardens of Prestige today.

Landscaping is more than just planting trees and flowers around your home. It is also a way to create shape, depth, and movement in the space in front or behind the house. Effective landscaping Alliston can enhance the beauty of your home and provide benefits such as better privacy, higher resale value, lower utility bills, and more. With our professional landscaping Alliston services at Gardens of Prestige Ltd., you can improve the overall appearance of your home. We not only help you choose the right trees, plants, shrubs, and other green elements, but we also recommend adding some structures to your landscape.

Structures can give your landscape a more organized and defined look. Here are some types of structures you can add to your landscape.

Landscaping Alliston Water features for Landscaping Alliston

Many landscaping Alliston designs include water features such as fountains, pools, creeks, or waterfalls. These water features can serve as a focal point and help create other elements in the landscape. Many clients like to use the same shape and style of the water feature throughout their landscape design. So, these water features not only attract the attention of the visitor to the landscape but also offer a harmonious look and flow.


You may want to mark some areas in your garden where you want the visitors to either enter or not enter. You can use arbour structures such as pergolas, trellises, retaining walls, and more to separate these areas from the rest of the landscape. You can use these structures to create different garden spaces. For example, you can separate the outdoor dining area from the outdoor fireplace seating area using arbour structures. You can also use these structures as a base for creating a complete landscape design. Arbours are an essential feature of any attractive landscaping Alliston design.

Retaining Walls

As mentioned above, you can use retaining walls to divide different garden areas. But retaining walls also have another function: they guide the visitor to follow the path and explore different parts of the landscape. They also prevent soil erosion and keep the plants in place by giving them a direction to grow.

These 3 landscaping Alliston structures will make your landscape design more appealing and functional. And we at Gardens of Prestige Ltd. can help you achieve your desired landscape for your property. We use the latest tools and technology to provide our expert services.

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Alliston Landscaping: landscape design, pool installation, deck building / construction services.

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