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Advantages And Disadvantages of Themed Landscape Designs

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Are you looking to renovate your landscaping Innisfil design? If so, you might be looking at different landscape designs online and might have come across a few such as The English Garden, Zen Oasis, the Cabana Resort, and more. These are also known as themed landscape designs chosen by homeowners to reflect their personality and style effectively. While themed landscape designs are great as they create a cohesiveness and elegant look, they also have some disadvantages.

As professional Orillia landscapers, we want you to know the advantages and disadvantages of popular themed landscape design. We aim to help you make an informed decision about your house landscape.


Garden Aesthetics Decoded
Garden Aesthetics Decoded

Have you ever wondered how gardens in British TV shows and movies look lush, green, and captivating? That’s because it follows a traditional English Garden design. This is a classic garden design that incorporates flower beds, ornate fountains, hedges, and gazebos. Advantages: The English Garden theme offers a beautiful and elegant appearance to the outside of the house. It is also eco-friendly and allows you to incorporate various types of planters. Disadvantages: While it is wonderful to have an English Garden theme for your landscape, it has got downsides too. It is highly costly to maintain all the planters and greenery making it a high-maintenance garden design. Moreover, the plants maybe sensitive to climate changes in places like Canada.


If you want to create a peaceful and serene landscape, Zen Oasis would be the best landscape theme for you. This theme contains Zen elements such as bonsai trees, koi ponds, and more. Advantages: If you are looking to improve your mental health, Zen Oasis can offer you much-needed tranquility. It is also low maintenance and offers a unique selling point to your house. Disadvantages: If you have children or younger members, Zen Oasis might not cater to their requirements. The initial costs of installing koi ponds and such elements are higher. And these elements do require specific care.


Aesthetic Allure
Aesthetic Allure

Want your every day to feel like vacation? Then the Cabana Resort landscape theme might be a good choice. This theme includes elements like pools, outdoor bars, lounges, hammocks, and more to make it feel like a tropical vacation. Advantages: This theme offers you a vacation spot in your house. Your house will become a go-to option for summer parties, barbeques, get-togethers, and more. And this landscape theme also increases the home value.

Disadvantages: On the other hand, you will need to invest a lot in the maintenance of pools, bars, sitting areas, and more. Since you will be running different electric components, there will be a surge in energy bills. And you need a large backyard space to get the full effect of the theme.

In addition to these themes, several other options have advantages and disadvantages. You can contact us at Gardens of Prestige to learn more about themed landscaping Orillia designs. We will be glad to help you. Call us now to find out more.


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