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5 Things to Know Before Building A Deck

person working on the frame of a deck

Do you desire to build a deck in your house landscape? If so, you have landed on the right post. Imagine sitting on your deck sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea. Or hosting a barbeque party with your friends and family! Decks can be a wonderful addition to your house landscape. But before you decide to call Barrie deck builders, there are a few things you should know about deck building.


Tools, nails, and clipboard lying on wood
Deck Building

Before you set your heart on a deck design, you need to learn about building codes and regulations. You will need plans and a permit to build a deck. You might also need an inspection to ensure your property is suitable for building a deck. Make sure you don’t ignore these building codes and regulations to avoid fines.


Once you have your permits, you can start building a deck. But hold on a minute! You don’t just need to determine the square footage to build a deck. You also need to determine the layout and how you will use the space. For example, you want to use the deck just as an outside sitting area for your family and friends. Or maybe you want to use it to host summer parties. Knowing how you are going to use a space will help you determine the size. It will also help you convey your deck ideas to landscaping Barrie professionals.


When it comes to deck shapes, square and rectangular are common. But sometimes they don’t provide you with enough space. Sometimes you need to work with creative deck designs. For example, round deck designs bring a softer look to the landscape and garden design. You can also think about hexagonal deck designs or any other creative deck designs. You not only want a beautiful deck design, but you also want to maximize the potential of your property.


Don’t just stick to wood as a deck material. You can also look for aluminum and composite materials to build a deck. You can choose a material based on how much it costs and maintenance requirements.


Back deck with patio furniture
Deck Building

You can also add other essentials such as weatherproofing your deck, lighting, railings, stairs, and other add-ons.

If you want to get your deck built, call us at Gardens of Prestige right away. We are amongst the leading Barrie landscaping companies offering high-quality and professional landscaping services. Contact us now to learn more.


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