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Pool Installation

pool with interlocking brick surrounding it

Installing a pool is a big decision. And yes, it can be a costly venture. But the enjoyment in the end far outweighs the cost. Pool installation in places like Alliston can create summers full of fun and at-home vacations which ultimately bring family and friends together.

There are many types of pools you can choose to install, and with each type comes different maintenance requirements. Concrete pools requires an acid wash every 3 to 5 years. Since the acid strips away a small layer each time, eventually you will need to re-plaster a concrete pool too. Concrete can breed mould and algae, so it requires a lot of chemicals to keep clean. Vinyl pools are fairly easy to maintain and clean.  The smooth surface does not attract as much algae growth, so fewer chemicals are required. However, since they are less durable than concrete, eventually you will need to replace the liner.

Fibreglass pools are the easiest pools to clean and maintain. They don’t require an acid wash or liner replacement. However, they may not meet your needs as they are limited in size availability. Because fibreglass pools are hard to transport without breaking, you’re limited to a smaller pool size.

All pools require opening and closing the pool at the start and end of the swimming season. You’ll need to handle the pool cover and the motor for the pump. Depending on how many trees surround your property, you might have to spend a fair amount of time skimming your pool. And you’ll also have to keep an eye on the filter so make sure it stays clean.

Despite the type, cost, and maintenance, a pool is a great child and teen magnet. As a parent this is comforting because the neighbourhood kids and friends come to your house. This allows you to observe and participate in all interactions. As well, a pool party is a wonderful excuse to entertain friends and family. Pool installation brings people together and keeps families close. A pool is like a permanent, inexpensive vacation in the privacy and comfort of your own backyard.



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