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Landscape Design Creates Aesthetic Appeal

beautiful laid out garden along a curved driveway

Making changes to your backyard or front yard adds value to your home and an overall aesthetic appeal for homeowners, guests, neighbours, and passersby. Landscape design is an important consideration when you plan to make improvements to your property. Landscape design in places like Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Innisfil, and Orillia can make a significant difference to the beauty of your home.

There are various principles of landscape design that serve as guidelines for designers and companies to follow when creating plans for your new landscape. Gardens of Prestige follows the principles of proportion, order, repetition, and unity. Proportion refers to the size of something in proportion to other objects that exist in the landscape; order is about sequence and how the landscape design will flow; repetition concerns repeating the choice of plants, or stone, or trees so that the area is rich and full looking; and unity creates a sense of balance so that each element works together to create an aesthetic appeal.

It’s important to consider planting to help set your home and any external buildings within the landscape. It’s also effective to design planting, fencing, pathways, and driveways to follow the natural lines, patterns, and contours. Essentially, your landscape design should blend your home into the natural surroundings.

Lanscape design in places like Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Innisfil, and Orillia can create a meaningful outdoor space that is pleasing to the eye and one that enhances your sense of well-being.



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