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Interlocking Brick Is Unique and Durable

interlock brick forming a circle at the end of a path

Besides coming in many different colours, shapes and textures, interlocking brick can be used to create a brick design that uniquely suits each property owner. Whether you want an old world look for your property or something that is more contemporary, Gardens of Prestige can provide the solution.

Constructed out of concrete, interlocking brick is made from a durable material that will withstand weather, weight and foot traffic. Interlocking bricks have a non-skid and non-slip surface which makes them safe to walk or drive on, even when they get wet. Many homeowners choose interlocking brick in places like Alliston, Wasaga Beach, and Collingwood to be installed around their pools for both aesthetic and safety purposes.

Very little maintenance or repair is required for the life of the interlocking brick. As well, since the gaps between the interlocking bricks are filled with sand or stone, weed growth is minimized. A seal is also created that helps keep the gravel foundation dry, preventing shifting (

Interlocking brick in Alliston, Wasaga Beach and Collingwood is easy to maintain, as you simply have to hose down the area or use a pressure washer for a deep clean and refreshed look. As well, if unevenness, staining or chipping occurs, repairs can be conveniently completed since individual bricks can be targeted. Also, most pavers come pre-sealed, so there is no need to re-seal interlocking bricks following their relatively fast install. And one of the best things about choosing interlocking brick for your home to use for pathways, driveways, patios, and the like is that it can be used right away since there is no curing time (unlike asphalt and concrete).



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