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Garden Design

staircase built with large natural stone work around a beautiful garden

The development of a detailed, comprehensive garden design ensures the clients’ needs and dreams have all been addressed prior to commencement of any landscape construction project. Advanced computer technology allows landscape designers at Gardens of Prestige to illustrate the landscape plans and estimate the full scope. Layers of design can be built into account for growth of plantings and/or to deconstruct the entire project into segmented projects according to your budget. Gardens of Prestige certified designers take time, space and budget into consideration, use proven design principles, the best horticultural methodologies, and ecology and project management experience and create a design reflecting your outdoor lifestyle desires.

Every garden and landscape is comprised of garden design elements to maintain and enhance its beauty and function. Homeowners and landscaping companies rely on garden design, garden services, and garden landscaping by Gardens of Prestige from Orillia to Collingwood to Aurora.

For most homeowners, the natural landscape of the property provides the inspiration for any plan, i.e. a rock garden plan. On a sloped area, your rock garden will not only prevent erosion but also provide anchors and shelters for plants. If your property is flat, a berm rock garden design with rock groupings outcropping can achieve a stunning visual effect. Gardens of Prestige will create your unique, custom garden design rock garden so you can enjoy the simplicity of this gardening form. An established rock garden is relatively low-maintenance but a source of striking colour and visual interest all year round. Garden landscaping can really make a significant difference to any home.

In fact, a well-landscaped home can yield 100% return upon resale, as prospective home buyers are attracted to a well maintained and beautified property. People are more willing to invest in properties that are landscaped, as they are instantly appealing and require general maintenance, as opposed to starting from the ground up. Therefore, it is clear that a well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home that is not landscaped. A good, garden design can make all the difference to increasing the value of your home.

Garden landscaping companies and garden services work to increase both the beauty and value of your home. Homeowners take pride in their property and place value in the aesthetics of beautiful landscaping and garden design in places like Orillia, Collingwood, and Aurora. Garden landscaping that includes gardens, pathways, stone walls, decks, pools, and many other features contribute significantly to our well being and overall quality of life. People across Ontario look forward to and embrace the few short months of warmth where we can spend time enjoying our landscaped backyards and properties. We value the time spent on our decks and patios barbecuing, or sitting around the pool with family and friends, or enjoying the serenity of gardening. Landscaped properties provide more meaningful retreats which ultimately enhance our sense of well-being.



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