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Landscaping Muskoka – Most Common Structures

gazebo, patio set by a fenced in pool

Landscapes are not just about having trees and plants around your home. Instead, it is meant to add definition, angles, and visual flow to the space in front or at the back of the house. Efficient landscaping Muskoka will beautify your home while providing benefits like improved privacy, increased sale value, reduction in costs of utilities, and more. With professional landscaping Muskoka services from us at Gardens of Prestige Ltd., you can enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. Apart from adding the right trees, plants, shrubs, and other green elements, we also suggest our clients add a few structures. 

beautiful pool, pergola and relaxing set up in a small space

Structures define the landscape and make it look more organized. Here are a few types of structures you can add to the landscape.


Several landscaping Muskoka designs include either a fountain, pool, creek, or waterfall structure. This water feature can be used as a focal point and help create other features in the landscape. Several clients prefer carrying the shape and structure of the water feature in their entire landscape design. So, these water features not only bring the focus of the visitor to the landscape but also offer an organized look and visual flow. 


There will be certain areas in your garden where you would want the visitors to either enter or not enter. To separate these locations from the general landscape, you can create arbour structures such as pergolas, trellises, retaining walls, and more. You can define each garden space using these structures. You can separate areas such as the outer dining setting from the outside fireplace sitting arrangement using arbour structures. You can also use these structures as a base for creating a complete landscape design. In any attractive landscaping Muskoka designs, arbours will be a must-have feature. 


As mentioned above, you can use retaining walls to separate different garden areas. However, retaining walls are also used to provide the visitor to follow through the line and keep exploring different areas of the landscape. It also prevents soil erosion and keeps the plants intact in their place by providing them with a direction to grow.

pergola with lights, fire table and a gorgeous view

These 3 landscaping Muskoka structures will be a great addition to your landscape design. And we at Gardens of Prestige Ltd. can help you achieve the desired landscape for your property. We use the latest tools and technology to provide our experienced services. 

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