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Landscaping Collingwood – 4 Basic Design Elements to Include

gazebo, patio set on a interlock brick with pool in background

Deciding what kind of landscape design you want for your property can feel confusing and complex. There are several options online and the contractor you choose will also suggest numerous other designs and styles. However, despite so many options, it can get difficult to choose which landscaping Collingwood design looks best for your home. To take the guesswork out of the equation, we at Gardens of Prestige Ltd. sat down with our landscaping Collingwood experts to understand the bare essentials needed for landscape design.

Here are the 4 basic things to have in your landscape design.


wood walkway through the fall coloured trees

Landscape design must have balance and uniformity in the elements to make it look organized and elegant. However, if your design lacks uniformity and balance, the space will look highly unorganized and cluttered. Different elements of your landscape must align with each other. Similarly, whether you want your landscaping Collingwood to be symmetrical or asymmetrical will determine the overall appearance. It is easy to get a symmetrical design, but an asymmetrical design brings some pizzazz.


You must create a focal point in your landscape. It can be a water feature like a fountain or pool, or it can be a statue. Creating focal points in your landscaping Collingwood design will help attract the attention of the visitors towards the best points. Enhance the focal points using the right plants or trees.


This will depend on whether you choose a symmetrical or asymmetrical design for the landscape. Your lines and paths can be straight or curved based on the design you choose. Some designs will suit better with straight lines whereas some will suit curved lines. You can also include building pathways such as driveways and walkways and lighting them up with landscaping lights. You can use natural elements like natural stones, bricks, or lay concrete to create stunning pathways.


When it comes to landscaping Collingwood, visual flow is essential to make the space look cohesive. Hence, you must make smooth transitions between the designs. Don’t make drastic changes in the design otherwise, the transition won’t be smooth.

water fountains surrounded by trees

As you can see, these are 4 bare essential elements to include in your landscape design. At Gardens of Prestige Ltd., we offer high-quality landscaping services in the region. Apart from these 4 critical elements, we also include innovative design thinking to provide you with the finest results.

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