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Landscaping Barrie For Small Spaces: How To Use Limited Areas

gold green set up in backyard

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is not easy when the space is limited. Most people believe that landscaping Barrie is only meant for large properties. However, this is not true. Even if you have a small space at your property, you can connect with Gardens of Prestige Ltd. and get your beautiful landscape design. But how do they work when they are landscaping for a small space? Keep on reading to find out more.

bed of flowers with small white rocks along the fence line


To get started with the landscaping Barrie project, one should assess the space. They should consider the available area and its shape before deciding on anything else. Apart from this, other factors will also affect the design, such as sunlight exposure, soil quality, and much more. So, the assessment should be done in such a way that it should make all the decisions easier.


While working on a landscaping Barrie project in a small space, one must pay attention to the proportion. One should choose features like furniture and plants in appropriate sizes so that they do not take up most of the outdoor space. Choosing compact plants is a great idea, and the vertical space should also be used in the best way possible. This will help create balance in the space.


The small space should be divided into different zones to make the best use of it. For instance, the needs of the property owners should be considered to pick the right options like seating areas, dining spaces, or any other thing they may want. According to this, the right furniture should be chosen for storage and seating.


While landscaping Barrie in small spaces, the plants should also be chosen according to the soil conditions and sunlight available. Various varieties can fit well in compact spaces. Such plants should be chosen, and seasonal bloomers should also be added to incorporate some colour. Gardens of Prestige Ltd. knows how to choose these plants correctly.


person weed whacking the backyard

Landscaping professionals can use lighting in such a way that it helps create a cozy atmosphere, even in a small space. This can create an illusion of more space and can also make the space look more open if used properly.

If you want help from a landscaping Barrie expert, connect with us at Gardens of Prestige Ltd. We have a team of professionals who can guide you in the right direction and make things easier for you. 

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