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5 Tips To Prepare Your Lawn Before Harsh Winter

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Do you have beautiful landscaping Muskoka design in your house? If so, your landscaping design might also have a bright and flourishing garden. And since it is the most important element of your landscaping design, you must ensure that it flourishes after the upcoming winter season. Winter will be harsh on your garden, but you want your garden to be ready to thrive during spring. Hence, it is important to prepare your garden and lawn before winter starts.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your lawn before harsh winter to ensure a green lawn and garden in spring.

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Get Your Lawn Mower Started

When winter is approaching, the growth of your lawn grass slows down. If you don’t cut it, the growth will further slow down affecting its appearance in spring. Hence, it is important to cut down the grass to optimal height. This will ensure consistent growth under snow during the winter and during the spring season.

Start Reseeding Bare Areas

You want new plants to grow during the spring and summer season. Hence, you must reseed bare areas in your garden before winter. Moreover, you don’t want weeds to take over bare areas during winter. So, start reseeding bare areas before winter. The snow will create a natural protective layer on these seeds giving them time to strengthen their roots in soil for better growth in summer.

Don’t Forget To Fertilize

When you are prepping your landscaping Innisfil garden before winter, make sure to fertilize. And don’t use any run-of-the-mill fertilizer, instead use fertilizer meant for winter months. Fertilizer will ensure your soil has enough nutrients available for the plants during winter, making them flourish during spring.

Lawn Aeration Is Critical

Over time, the soil can get compacted creating less aeration. This can reduce the growth of plants during winter and thus in spring. Hence, it is important to increase the aeration before the winter sets in. Aeration will help oxygen, water, and nutrients to flow through the soil during winter, promoting growth of plants.

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Avoid Foot Traffic

Winter comes with cold and icy grass. This can damage the grass due to heavy foot traffic. So, avoid walking or playing in the grass during winter. This ensures your grass stays healthy during spring.

These 5 lawn maintenance tips before winter will help you keep your landscaping Aurora Garden in healthy shape. To get more such tips and garden maintenance services, make sure to contact us at Gardens of Prestige.

We are a leading company in the region offering a wide range of landscaping services to ensure our clients always have attractive and flourishing gardens.

Call us now to find out more.


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