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4 Tips To Prepare Your Garden For Fall And Winter

Man and Woman Hoeing a Lush Vegetable Garen

The fall season has begun! We all are enjoying a good time with friends and family amidst the cool breeze. Along with this, fall is the best season to work and improve your landscaping Innisfil design. Your garden is one of the biggest components of your landscaping design. Hence, improving the garden and preparing it for the winter will turn out to be advantageous in the spring and summer seasons. 

Raking Orange leaves on the ground

Here’s what you need to do to prepare your garden for the fall and winter. 


Although you wouldn’t want to cut back on grasses and perennial plants as they provide habitat to beneficial insects and birds, you do want to cut back on invasive plants. Invasive plants will slowly take over your garden and harm grasses and perennials. Hence, make sure to pull them out or hack them into the ground. If you pull them out, make sure to give them a vinegar bath before putting them in compost. If you have hacked them into the ground, make sure to smother them in cardboard.


When improving your landscaping Aurora design and preparing your garden, make sure to clean your vegetable garden. You must remove plants like peppers and tomatoes, as they are highly prone to diseases. While removing plants will be necessary, it is also important to plant new vegetables in space such as field peas. Although these plants will die during harsh winter, they will protect the soil underneath by creating a warm blanket.


Fall weather is also a great time to sow the seed for your favourite spring plants. This will give them enough time to grow roots and create a stronghold in the soil over the winter. Plants like Brodiaea, Camassia, and Triteleia are some of the best options to plant during fall to bloom in the spring. While you are sowing seeds for these plants, make sure to put a stake nearby to identify what went where.


a man with garden shears trimming a cedar bush

During fall, you will see a lot of leaves gathering in the garden. Your first instinct would be to remove these leaves. However, don’t remove these leaves, instead let them stay. These leaves will provide a home for smaller insects and turn them into biomass. This will improve the quality of soil for other plants to grow. If you do want to remove the leaves from the garden, just rake them on the side. Don’t put them in the trash.

These are just a few things you should do to prepare your garden for the fall and winter. If you want more assistance on the same, you can get in touch with us at Gardens of Prestige. We are a leading landscaping Orillia company in the region offering a wide range of garden property and maintenance services.

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