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gardener rolling out turf grass

Let's Grow Together

Our company's success is rooted in our crews' cooperative efforts.

Job Position Available

Landscape Technician

Job description

Gardens of Prestige Ltd has been supplying fine-quality residential landscape design and construction services for 37 years. The strength of our company lies in customer service through the teamwork and attention to detail our crews demonstrate while completing each project. Our pay scale is from $22-40/hr plus available benefits and performance bonuses.


Our company is expanding and we are looking for a few (5-6) men and women to become members of our crews. We are looking for individuals who want to make a purposeful contribution, make an impact in the construction of our projects, and feel involved by becoming a team player with our company. Crewmembers will be responsible for completing and delivering an extensive range of landscape products, and be skilled at operating a wide range of equipment and machinery. We will offer extensive training both on-site and at our office.


Successful candidates are encouraged to demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

• Experience in the landscape and/or construction trades.

• Demonstrate life skills outside the work field.

• Demonstrate a keen interest in working in a team environment.

• Knowledge of equipment operation is an asset.

• Interested in advancing your career and knowledge in the construction trades.

• Must possess a valid driver's license and a vehicle.

• Knowledge of landscape construction techniques is an asset but not imperative.


Our company provides excellent pay and available benefits and bonus package. Regular performance reviews will ensure advancement in our company. Opportunities include lead hand, mason and carpenter, equipment operator, foreman, and project manager.

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